Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Ava Gardner

Monday, December 12, 2011

Bag of Bones

It's impossible to do justice to Stephen King on film, but at least A&E tried.

For the life of me though, I can't understand why they made the violent and deranged Rogette into an elderly Victorian woman with upswept hair; King's Rogette was an albino-ish blonde with I think a Dutch boy haircut. Much more sinister. She's the one character I remember clearly, maybe because he doesn't often go into much detail about characters' physical appearances.

The big surprise was William Schallert (the warm-hearted cardigan-wearing dad of Patty Duke and dozens of others in film and sitcoms) playing evil Max DeVore and doing it extremely well. You can practically smell the nastiness wafting off of him.

All in all, for a TV-movie on a weeknight, it was well worth the time, and just faithful enough to King's novel that I didn't change channels halfway through.

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