Thursday, December 5, 2013

Gene Tierney

You're Telling Me! (1934)

Louise Carter, Kathleen Howard and W.C. Fields, You’re Telling Me! (1934)
Along with It’s a Gift, one of the best comedies to come out of the Thirties.
FUN FACT #1: Barbara Stanwyck accidentally fractured Kathleen Howard’s jaw while filming Ball of Fire.
FUN FACTS: Kathleen Howard (1884-1956,) who played Fields’ shrewish wife twice in It’s a Gift and The Man on the Flying Trapeze was originally an opera singer who got her start in Berlin in 1905, and joined the Met ten years later. By 1928, she was fashion editor for Harper’s Bazaar and held the position until 1933, when she quit to take an acting job in Death Takes a Holiday. She was also president of The Fashion Group, an association of 450  of the most important women in fashion, and a frequent lecturer on the subject of historic costumes.
         —— From W.C. Fields: A Biography by James Curtis (2003)