Friday, September 30, 2011

Ava Gardner, circa 1954

I love her. She was a big lush who fucked everybody and didn't care what anybody thought. I can't fault her for banging Spanish matadors, but Sinatra? Yeeesh. She had to have been tanked.

Ava Gardner

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday, September 15, 2011


I know I mock her a lot because of the whole Mommie Dearest thing, but when she was in her prime, what an amazing looking woman. Studio re-touchers didn't have to do much beyond hiding her freckles and minimizing the lines around her mouth.

Joan Crawford's Muff

If you lie awake at night pondering Joan Crawford's vag (I know I have,) relief is on the way. As part of a new stage show about her allegedly abusive meal ticket adoptive mother, CHRISTINA will include home movies of the eternal star cavorting in the buff. It's no secret Crawford was an exhibitionist (and a big horndog,) what's incredible is that she never destroyed the movies before her death.

    I predict that when it's revealed, it will usher in a new era of world peace.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Civil War Couple

Corporal James M. Dennis, 16th Ohio Regiment, and Hannah C. Barnard, circa 1862.

I'm assuming the following newspaper article is about the same soldier:

Published in the Steubenville Weekly Herald, July 6, 1864, Volume 58, Number 35, Page 4.What Two of the 126th Boys Endured and Performed.
June 27, 1864.
(Correspondence of the Steubenville Herald)
MR. EDITOR:-An instance of what our soldiers patiently suffer has just come to my knowledge, which I think is unsurpassed. Seargant Joseph McKee and Corporal James Dennis, Co. D, 126th Regt. Ohio Vols., both from Jefferson county, were wounded severely on the 7th of May, both in the thigh, at the same time. They were taken prisoners and with many others were removed about one mile from where they were wounded. There they laid thirty days, dressing their own wounds. On the 5th of June, the rebels came with ambulances and removed all the wounded but a few who were to remain until the next day. Our two heroes were among the latter number. After the ebels [sic] left they came to the conclusion hat [sic] they would rather die in trying to get inside our lines, than go to Richmond and die. Accordingly, on the evening of the 5th they started, the sergeant on crutches. On the 6th, they forded the Rapidan, the water being waist deep.-Then they struck the railroad and followed it, procuring their provisions from the citizens, paying as high as $3 per doz. for biscuits. On the 9th, they reached our picket line, nine miles south of Alexandria, Va., having traveled over sixty miles, one of them on crutches. They suffered terribly, yet they bore it patiently. They are now in the Summit House Hospital in Philadelphia, and are doing as well as can be expected. Are not such men worthy of the sympathy of every one in the North? yet Copperheads hoot at them "Nobody, but a poor mean soldier." They will discover "the error of their ways" when it is too late.