Sunday, November 20, 2011

48 Hours Mystery

Last night covered the re-opening of the Natalie Wood investigation in a special episode meant to run later, but was moved up to take advantage of the publicity.

They also covered the Johnny Stompanato murder. Really, nothing new, all the same old shit rehashed. I did think it was interesting a lot of people (including Dummy's hairdresser, who claims Dummy told him herself that she, not her jailbait daughter, knifed her lover) still think Lana was responsible. I've always thought it, because she was a sneak.

Probably an unpopular position, but I feel sorry for Stompanato. Sure, he was a hood and one-time bodyguard of mobster Mickey Cohen, and probably did smack her around -- if I'd had to listen to that mewing dummy-speak hours on end, I probably would have taken a swing at her, too -- but really, who deserves dying like a stuck pig on her bedroom floor? Dummy should have found a more appropriate playmate; if you sleep with dogs, you wake up with fleas. And with all the power wielded by studios in general (and murderous MGM manager Eddie Mannix,) you can't tell me Lanita couldn't have taken other steps to rid herself of him.

If she'd spent a fraction of the drama she did in real life on any one of her films, she might have been a good actress. But she didn't, and wasn't.


  1. Great pics!
    I did watch the episode last night but got confused by the 'telephone girl' at the end.

    I've read the book Detour but I don't know what to believe.
    Lana holding that bloody knife is eery but perfect.

  2. Thanks, Page!

    Oh that last story was a dog, it confused me, too. I mean some random flake gets celebrities to yack about themselves for hours on end (gee, that must have taken a lot of doing,) who cares? Now, if she had hacked up Deniro with a cheese knife, THAT would have been a story.

    They should have used those remaining minutes for something else. Like William Desmond Taylor or Arbuckle or Thelma Todd. Something interesting.

  3. Are you ever going to get a sense of humor regarding Lana? Trying to think who bugs me the way she does you....oh yeah, Keanu Reeves.

  4. What do you mean? I bust a gut laughing every time I watch one of her films. Peyton Place is hilarious.

    Keanu Reeves doesn't bother me much. Adam Sandler, on the other hand, I LOATHE. I know someone who's had to work closely with him in the past and am assured he's as insufferable in person as he is on screen.

    Let's see who else... OH the Kartrashians. I don't even watch their stupid reality shows, I'm just sick to death of seeing them and their pimp mother on everything.

  5. Claros,
    I've been reading "A Cast of Killers" which is about King Vidor trying to solve the William Desmond Taylor murder. It's a great book so far. I now know that King Vidor and Colleen Moore had an ongoing affair that lasted over 40 years and Colleen had one blue eye and one brown eye!

    I had my face in the laptop while the last 48 hrs story was going on but I rewound it three times thinking I was missing something or the girl got murdered. NOPE! Just lame filler.

    As for your last comment. I don't like Debbie Reynolds or Joseph Cotton at all! There are a lot of modern stars that grate on my nerves but I won't open that can of worms!

  6. I read "Cast" years back when it first came out, interesting story. There are a couple of things he got wrong, but I can't remember what. Also, it doesn't really solve anything; in the end you're left with what you started with, a mental image of porky diabetic Mary Miles Minter wailing about lost love and mother's cruelty.

    Reynolds and Cotten, butt-ugly both, tho I really liked him in "Shadow of a Doubt." Reynolds is very funny in interviews, she looks as if she'd be hilarious to pass a few hours with.

    There was this whole period in the '50s where Hollywood women got really ugly with the funky little Mamie Eisenhower hairdos. I think that started when Dore Schary took control of MGM and basically flushed it down the toilet.

    His big idea of beauty and sexiness? Ready for this? Nancy Davis (Reagan.) Who got her spot on the MGM roster by being the mistress of one of the producers (maybe Thau or Rapf, not sure and need to re-check.) What an ugly woman. Now she lives in Bel Air next door to that creep who does the "Girls Gone Wild" porn. Not far from Zsa Zsa and Dead Liz's homes.