Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Rock Hudson


  1. I know this is going to irritate you BUT Rock Hudson and Doris Day movies make me smile! The sets, the fashion, the cars - lost in the 60's - love it.

  2. Ha! You know me well. I can remember those playing on local stations in pre-cable times, usually over the weekend. It felt like they lasted forever and always had the same plot.

    I liked Doris in some of her early stuff. Tne one film of hers I watch just for shock value when it's on is Midnight Lace. I think that's it, very 1960s. That clothes.

    She was in the news just a few days ago -- she's releasing a new album. Well, CD. I think the last time she recorded everything was vinyl.

  3. I can't help myself but I taped Giant when it aired this week. I just can't pass up seeing it any time it airs. Elizabeth was at her most beautiful during the film to me and it really is just a good film. I've never been a fan of Doris Day and the only pictures of theirs I watch is if Tony Randall is in it.
    Love the colorization.