Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rudolph Valentino, 1922

In Blood and Sand.


  1. Rudolph and his feminine hand gestures.
    He looks quite dapper here.

  2. A lot of them seem to have taken the Norma Shearer Correspondence Course in Screen Acting with all the flowery gestures. I'm surprised how good he was in a lot of stuff, though. It's easy to see why he became the pop icon he is. The one film of his I've seen that I couldn't sit all the way through is Monsieur Beaucaire. Maybe it's because the print was so lousy and muddy (you can find it on youtube,) but it seemed to drag on forever.

    He was always a snappy dresser; he got his taste for that I think before he got into films, when he was a dancer with Mae Murray in New York.

    He's one of those rarities in Hollywood, an actor whose peers didn't have anything bad to say about. I've got a wonderful photo I want to do of him and Marion Davies dancing the tango at San Simeon in their bathing suits.